Monday, March 27, 2023

Everybody has opinions, and I want to hear yours

I can go on about the self-improvement and section variety, but if there’s one reason you should join the Journal staff, it’s the sense...

What will the Journal staff do to celebrate winter break?

As the fall 2021 semester ends, Webster University students are preparing for winter break. Whether it includes celebrating holidays, traveling with friends and family or...

Meet the Press: what do our editors do to celebrate fall?

We asked our editors: How do you celebrate fall? As I walked out to my family’s living room on Oct. 1, the start of “Spooky...
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Letter from the Editor: Please get vaccinated

With the availability of the vaccine, we urge you to please get vaccinated. Dear Students and Faculty at Webster University, As of April 19, COVID-19...

Letter from the editors

As your newspaper, we stand with you. We are here for you. Dear students of Webster University, As we move forward, we are enduring some of...

Letter from the Editors: We stand by our coverage, treatment of Quidditch players not...

The Journal's Editor-in-Chief Kavahn Mansouri and Sports Editor Jacob Claspille respond to Volleyball player Jory Siebenmorgen's letter to the editor. In her letter, Siebenmorgen said The Journal's coverage of Quidditch was a slap in the face to Webster Division III athletes.

Letter from the editor: Welcome back, Gorloks. We want to hear from you.

The quad is full, the halls are buzzing with new life. If it isn’t obvious, the semester has started and with it The Journal has published its first issue of the academic year.

Letter from the Editor: Committing ourselves, online and off: Our Vision

The Journal’s editorial board and business office promises to you, our readers, we will recommit ourselves to our vision statement: “To consistently provide the Webster...

Letter from the editor

First and foremost, I would like to welcome everyone back. I sincerely hope everyone had an enjoyable summer to relax while preparing for this...

Letter from the Editor: The Journal is now on Flipboard

Editor-in-Chief Gabe Burns explains the gap weeks between Journal print issues and introduces Flipboard, where online issues will be posted every other week.

Letter from the editor: Journal adds four new podcasts

The Journal will add podcast programs to The first one was published Jan. 27, 2014. It is an opinionated podcast in which two Journal editors debate a topic.

Journal launches new website design and merges two sections of the paper

The Journal merged the Lifestyle and Sports sections of the paper. We will not cover any area less, but some emphasis will move online. The Journal also launched a new, more user-friendly website.