Sunday, May 28, 2023

Editorial: A mass shooting 4.6 miles away impacts us all

No matter how far away, a mass shooting can impact everyone. And, as reporters, it is our job to share the truth from all sides of the story, no matter how painful or difficult.

Kirkwood city leaders believe racial divide did not play part in shooting

On the ten-year anniversary of the Kirkwood City Council shooting, two groups held separate memorials. The reasons for the memorials, and the causes leading up to the shooting, differed completely from each group.

Kirkwood and Meacham Park residents still feel separate 10 years after shooting

Meacham Park residents remember Kirkwood shooter as a friendly neighbor. They are also aware of some of the social issues that may have led to his actions.

Black history is deeply rooted in formation of Meacham Park in Kirkwood

Meacham Park is a historically black community, but most of the current residents don't know much about the area's past, according to Darren K. Smotherson.

Department of Justice investigates Kirkwood relations, leaves residents dissatisfied

The aftermath of the Kirkwood shooting prompted an investigation by the Department of Justice. At the end of six months, nothing was accomplished, according to residents.

Former mayor of Kirkwood Arthur McDonnell recalls victims, community adversity in the wake of...

Art McDonnell continues his life despite the tragedy he lived through. Even so, he remembers the victims he knew personally.

Reporter Todd Smith’s scars will never heal after Kirkwood shooting

Todd Smith survived being shot during the Kirkwood City Council shooting in 2008. It was not the first shooting he survived.

Former Meacham Park resident dedicates herself to helping her community

Patricia Clark never allowed her busy schedule to stop her from being involved. She plans to work in her community and her church for many years to come.

Kirkwood pastor works to mend community relationship after City Hall shooting

Pastor David Bennett’s church has a slogan -- ‘The church has left the building.’ Bennett’s church opened its doors to the community 24 hours...

‘Life moves forward’ for family of officer slain in Kirkwood shooting

Kirkwood police officer Tom Ballman made the ultimate sacrifice for his community on Feb. 7, 2008.

We cannot be desensitized to gun violence

When mass shootings happen in the dozens, it is easy to dismiss their depth. But we cannot let that happen.

Growing up in Kirkwood after a mass shooting

In middle school circa 2008, tragedy struck. And things were never the same in my hometown.

Hayley’s House: Mental health and gun control go hand in hand

Mental health is obvious - gun control should be too.

Yes, race does matter – and it played into the Kirkwood shooting

Race matters in everything, even mass shootings. Especially in Kirkwood.