Monday, February 6, 2023

Higher education welcomes tattoos in the workplace

Webster's professors weigh in on how surprised they were that their tattoos were welcomed at the university.

How East Coast pizza infiltrated the Midwest at Racanelli’s

It has been said St. Louisans love their pizza – those distinctly thin, flaky provel-topped squares. With St. Louis style-pizza being embedded onto the...

Euro Trash: a unique designer for a unique neighborhood

The work of Dutch-American interior designer Annie Brahler has been hailed by the Chicago Tribune, Elle magazine and countless others ranging from celebrity clients...

Dharma + Dwell helps Old Orchard reduce, reuse and recycle

Owner Jordan Blackhurst founded Dharma + Dwell in early 2020 as a pop-up shop around St. Louis providing eco-friendly home and beauty products. Later that...

Union Studio helps Webster Groves and St. Louis ‘come together through art’

Support of local business should be of great importance for communities across the country as it provides economic benefits, as well as economic growth,...
Panda awaits his doctor at Webster Groves Animal Hospital, who will provide an exam, medication and lots of belly rubs. Photo by Alexandria Darmody.

Webster Groves Animal Hospital: an Old Orchard landmark that does it all

One wouldn’t have to look very far to see that Webster Grovians love their pets. The neighborhood, with its walkable business districts and open,...

Big Sky Cafe, Green Dining Alliance and the impact of sustainable restaurants

The Green Dining Alliance (GDA) works behind the scenes of the St. Louis restaurant community to improve environmental working conditions and provide support for...

Nerinx Hall and Webster University: closer than you might think

Nerinx Hall and Webster University are undoubtedly two institutions that have anchored the Old Orchard district dating back to the early 1900s.  Did you know...

What is Old Orchard?

The Old Orchard District in Webster Groves has been around for 125 years, but one thing has remained constant throughout its history: It's been...

Bosnia Civil War refugee helps immigrants

Amela Muftarevic fought to keep her children safe during the Bosnian Civil War. When she got to America, she helped other Bosnians do the...

Trauma and PTSD still affect Bosnian community

Imagine your hometown turning into a warzone, having to leave and losing friends and family along the way. For many Bosnians in St. Louis,...

Immigrant overcomes barriers to open restaurant

When Victor Arellano came to America illegally he had dreams of owning his own restaurant. The language barrier he experienced was one of the many obstacles he overcame.

Mother’s immigration saves son’s eyes

Christina Ferris only had one thing in mind when coming to the United States: to better her son’s eyesight.

Students advocate for campus prayer room

Webster University student Samih Abdeljabbar spent the semester praying in Emerson Library study rooms. Abdeljabbar prays up to five times a day in the library.

‘They call me the little Indian princess’: Immigrants’ children face identity crisis

Children of immigrants learn to incorporate the cultural identities of both their country of origin and the new homes of their families.

US bans former Webster student Francis Ladege

Ladege lived in the US for 25 years before being deported.

Immigration laws dictate fate of refugees

"There's simply no line for them to wait in," Stephen Legomsky said of the process to asylum. Immigrants at the border seek refugee status among legal challenges.