Meet the Press: what do our editors do to celebrate fall?


We asked our editors: How do you celebrate fall?

As I walked out to my family’s living room on Oct. 1, the start of “Spooky
Season” was already apparent: quilted
Halloween throws, a fall runner on the kitchen table and pumpkins on the porch. So we asked our editors: How do you celebrate the fall season?

Cas Waigand :
My family has always dives headfirst into the season. My mother always makes (and hoards) baked pumpkin seeds, and most years, we take a family trip out to Elephant Rocks to admire the vivid colors and perfect temperatures.

The movie “Coraline” has also become a staple in my celebration of “Spooky Season.” In all honesty, it is the scariest movie I can handle watching.

Abby Frye:
I like to celebrate the fall season by having small parties with friends. With COVID, this has become a thing of the past, it’s still fun to dress up and goof off with friends. I hope we can plan something small, but similar for this year as a chance to relive some good memories.

Alexandria Darmody:
Every year, I wear a shark onesie and hand out candy to trick or treaters with my parents. We set up a projector in our driveway, watch scary movies and a little fire pit, which our old dog likes sitting by while getting pets from all the trick or treaters!

Morgan Smith:
I spend my fall enjoying cozy sweaters and boots with my coffee handy. I mostly bake seasonal delicacies and hike in the cooling weather and crisp leaves.

Kenzie Akins:
I celebrate the fall season by planning what I’m going to be carving into this year’s pumpkin and putting together my Halloween costume!

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