Letter from the editor: Journal adds four new podcasts


The Journal will add more podcast programs to websterjournal.com. The first one was published Jan. 27, 2014. It is an opinionated podcast in which two Journal editors debate a topic.

“Just imagine if we didn’t eat meat all the time and there was just animals roaming the earth. They’d adapt and take over the world,” Kavahn Mansouri said in his podcast this week.

This new podcast program titled “Kavahn Mansouri versus the World” is one of four you will find on websterjournal.com this semester. Each of the four podcasts will publish once a month, so there will be a new podcast on websterjournal.com each week.

The Journal aims to consistently provide the Webster University and Webster Groves communities with the most current and contextual information using both print and multimedia, while serving as a learning platform for our staff and a forum for our readers. The addition of these podcasts is working toward that vision.

For one podcast Kavahn, the news editor for The Journal, will debate any topic with anyone who challenges him. Kavahn will always take a sarcastic approach to the topics.

If you want to challenge Kavahn, you can tweet at websterjournal, message The Journal’s page on Facebook or email us at websterjournal@gmail.com. Let us know your name and the topic you want to debate.

Challengers will need to write a 500-600 word opinion piece about their topic to be published in our paper’s Opinions section. They will also need to set up a time to work in studio with Kavahn and Cait Lore, our Opinions Editor, to produce the podcast.

In the podcast starting next week a reporter will interview an expert on a topic that is relevant to students — topics such as what to know before signing a lease, information on registration, etc.

The following week, one of The Journal’s sports reporters will engage members of the athletic community at Webster University in a discussion about Webster’s sports teams.

We will aslo be introducing a  “Behind the Story” podcast. For this one, you will get to hear an interview with a Journal reporter about their experience covering a story.

The stories we discuss will most likely be stories that appeared on our front page in the same month we are producing the podcast. If there are any stories you want to hear a behind the story podcast on, let us know. We welcome ideas for podcasts anytime.


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