Free textbook library helps students save


Textbooks can be financially trying for college students.
According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, this is causing students’ grades to drop, as well as affecting their decision on what classes to take.
Open Textbook Library is an internet database in which students can download textbooks for free.
According to the Chronicle, even buying the textbooks through this website is cheaper than the traditional textbook.
A study by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group said that students save approximately $100 per class by using this new system.
Students were surveyed for the report “Fixing the Broken Textbook Market” and a majority of the votes were against buying textbooks.


Even with textbook rentals and used books, the cost can still be high, according to the Chronicle. Prices can also sway when new editions come out.
Teachers who are beginning to use this database report a positive response in students.

Reporting by Livie Hall

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