Western Kentucky University crowned champions of Gala


Western Kentucky University was the overall school champion at last weekend’s Gorlok Gala Invitational, hosted by Webster University’s Forensics and Debate Team. The tournament lasted Friday through Sunday and also marked the 300th tournament that Adviser Scott Jensen has directed in his career.
Jensen said that Webster does not participate in the tournaments they host unless it is a national or post-season tournament. However, one Webster student debated with a Kansas university due to that university’s lack of a participant.
Webster’s debate team is taking a small group to Kansas Wesleyan this weekend to participate in a tournament. Jensen said it is hard to prepare for this because they have “exhausted a lot of resources.” Jensen said that hosting the past weekend’s tournament has taken a lot of preparation time, hence the small group being taken. Assistant Director Gina Jensen and Assistant Coach Tom Serfass will be accompanying the team.
The debate team will be working with volunteer Webster alumni this week to prepare what they can for this weekend. These volunteers are unofficial coaches, but they listen to the team’s speeches and occasionally travel with the team for tournaments. The volunteers also sometimes serve as judges and an “unofficial advisory committee,” Scott Jensen said.
Scott Jensen said that the future may include an invitational and two post-season tournaments. There will be a state tournament on Valentine’s weekend as well a national tournament the week after Spring break.


Reporting by Livie Hall

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