Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I was disappointed that the Journal did not feature any print coverage this year of Webster University’s largest International event, I Fest.  I Fest provides our international students an opportunity to share their cultures and celebrate the diversity of our campus community in a festival environment.

Over 300 people attended this year’s festival, and there were many aspects of the event that would have made compelling news. From highlighting the stories of our talented student performers (both U.S. and international, graduate and undergraduate), interviews with students representing their cultures at regional booths (what could you have learned about Guyana or Nepal, for example?) or digging a little deeper to discover that our henna artists were representing a local nonprofit supporting survivors of torture, there were many compelling stories that support the mission and vision of our institution. I wish that the Journal had featured at least one print story showing our students sharing across cultures at I Fest. I truly feel this was a missed opportunity.

Bethany Keller
Assistant Director for the Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs (MCISA) at Webster University

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