Letter to the Editor: Use your vote to impact the college experience at Webster


Contributed by Christopher Whitmore, Political Science major

The Student Activity Fee Referendum will be voted on during the spring 2014 Student Government Association (SGA) Candidate Elections. The referendum proposes an increase to the student activity fee, which is paid only by full-time, flat-fee Webster undergraduate students, from $30 per semester to $100.

The $70-increase is referred as a solution to the current programming barriers Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs and Campus Activities face. As students, we’ve either heard our peers complain or we have complained ourselves that there should be a greater quantity and quality of programs on campus. If eligible student voters consent, it’s possible an increase in activity funding can give Webster the exciting atmosphere its students long for.

At the spring 2014 Delegates’ Agenda, students expressed they want larger concerts with more relevant artists, bigger speakers and more headlining events on campus. Student employees who plan large events explained how a lack of funding and resources limits programming ability. In response to these concerns, the administration welcomed students’ opinions about a higher student activity fee.

If a majority votes in favor of the referendum, the Administrative Council will receive a recommendation and make a final decision on the student activity fee increase. If the increase passed, Webster’s fee would still be lower than other regional and local schools in our area.

SGA would also benefit from an increase in the student activity fee. SGA would have more money to deposit into the Programming Pool, the Student Grant Fund or club budget allocations.  Additional funds  could support more big programs like I-Fest, Spring Fest or new ones at an even larger scale.

Here at Webster, students have the opportunity to work with administration, staff and fellow students to create a better institution not only for their benefit, but also for the benefit of future students who will call Webster home. If you want to invest in the college experience at Webster, and if you want departments to plan programs and provide opportunities that meet your desires as a student, your vote in favor of the student activity fee increase is pivotal. Get out and vote, and stay involved in what impacts you as a student!

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