Student Government Association: SGA adds new ambassador


By the Student Government Association, written by Director of Communications Kelani Seaver

With the semester coming to an end and fall elections for SGA coming soon, the Constitution Committee decided to make some big changes to the constitution for the Student Government Association for upcoming years.

Changes include a new position that replaces/adds on to the Director of Communications position. Instead the position named “the Ambassador for Student Inclusion is now part of the new and improved “executive officers.”

President of SGA C. Wiley said SGA is not replacing the position of Director of Communications. We are only adding on to the position while giving the Ambassador for Student Inclusion more duties to uphold that allow the officer to be more connected with the student body and members of the SGA.

The Ambassador for Student Inclusion duties are as follows:

1. Assist the SGA Advisor in updating and maintaining the SGA group on the Webster Connections website.

2. Shall pursue regular meetings with the Associate Vice President of the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement.

3. Shall be chairperson of the diversity committee.

4. Shall be a member of the diversity council.

The Constitution Committee also discussed eligibility rights for Senators and Executive Officers and what is required to represent the school as a government organization as well as dealing with student affairs.

To be on SGA you must be identified as “a currently enrolled student in good standing” (SGA Constitution, Article VII) Good Standing includes areas in academics, no academic or judicial probation and finally attending the SGA orientation prior to being sworn in as an officer.

Angela Meng, comptroller of SGA, said, “I think the changes in the constitution with a new position representing the Ambassador for Student Inclusion only benefits SGA and the student body. SGA wanted to find a name that fits the requirements of this position and I think it will be interesting to see the improvements and differences this position upholds for the New Year.”

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