Monday, May 29, 2023

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As COVID-19 becomes more of a norm in our society, there has been a well needed increase in engagement amongst communities all over the...
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Letter to the Editors: Webster resident urges students to vote

Young people can determine the outcome of this election. Your future depends on it. Dear Students:  VOTE  Most young people between 18 and 30 years old...

Letter to the Editor: My public school taught me everything about history

Student Noah Otte disagrees with Hayley's House on how badly the author's public schools handled covering a fair history of the United States.

Letter to the editor: SGA is looking for improvement and communication

Webster University student body president believes that students should have a better relationship with SGA

Letter to the Editor: Administration must take a zero-tolerance approach to recent “racist flyers”...

I would also like to apologize to the targeted student on behalf of all Webster University graduates. This attitude and type of harassment is not what we stand for, and we are proud to share our alma mater with you.

Letter to the Editor: President Stroble, if diversity matters Webster must protect it

Webster University English major Alexandria Lenzi writes to President Elizabeth Stroble regarding a letter from the President and Provost on Civil Discourse following the United States presidential election.

Letter to the Editor: Conservatory’s Macbeth production offers mirror to election

Conservatory student Delaney Piggins says this year's production of Macbeth mirrors the presidential election

Letter to the Editor: Fighting hate with hate is not the answer

Ruchii Sheth, sophomore studio art major in printmaking says America needs to give President-Elect Donald J. Trump a chance.

Letter to the Editor: “Two Muslim students don’t represent every Muslim student”

Webster student Hafsa Mansoor responds to The Journal's story "Muslim students find acceptance at Webster." Mansoor writes that the story failed to present different perspectives from Muslims on campus, citing her own personal experiences of Islamophobia at Webster.

Letter to the Editor: Removal of food options in SOC unfair to students, staff...

Wesbter student April Albrecht writes to President Elizabeth Stroble and School of Communications Dean Eric Rothenbuhler about the removal of the Simply to Go in Sverdrup's lobby.

Letter to the Editor: Webster students please vote for Hillary Clinton

From Webster University student Isaiah Santiago, stirring voters to support presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

Letter to the editor: Forgive student loans, vote Green Party

From Linda Featheringill, Green Party representative The cost of education is going up and the ability to pay is going down. In 2000, tuition at...

Letter to the Editor: Alumna disappointed with Webster’s treatment of instructors and lecturers

Caitlin Creech, Webster University alumna and former student of Lecturer Andrea Miller writes an open letter about how Miller and other instructor have been treated as employees at the university.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ampersand editors respond to “Thinking positive won’t end body image...

From Co-Editor-in-Chiefs Macy Salama and Allison Klinghammer respond to Madeline Owen's letter to the editor in response to the story “Under Pressure” in The Ampersand student magazine.

SGA: concerning Delegates’ Agenda

SGA reaches out to administration to let them know they are taking a brief for the Spring semester and will return in Fall 2016....

Letter to the Editor: Webster needs a service-learning office for students

By Robert McMullen, Webster University adjunct professor   As I was reviewing my Keystone class and preparing to teach it in the spring, I realized that...