Letter to the Editor: Webster students please vote for Hillary Clinton


From Webster University student Isaiah Santiago, stirring voters to support presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

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This election cycle has been a gift to the media, the Democrats and to the Alt Right Republicans. We have to choose between two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. If you are reading this and wonder why I didn’t mention Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, its because if we put them in the White House one will tackle vaccinations, and the other is confused over what Aleppo is. To be frank, both of which will erode the power and authority of the Executive Branch. So again, we must chose between two candidates, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. This decision is not a political decision, this is a moral decision. Let me start with the walking naked mole rat Donald Trump. This is a man who has consistently ripped women, African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, immigrants, people with disabilities, honorable Republicans and strong policy wonks apart. This is a man who cradles violence at his rallies, and who welcomes bigotry into the political system. This is a man who hires backwash policy builders, and who embraces right wing Nationalist ideology. Donald Trump is an unqualified, thin skinned galoot who deserves nothing more than to wipe the ass of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un.

Our other choice is the iron skinned Hillary Clinton. Let me be transparent, I am a loyal supporter of Hillary Clinton and I would have not changed my vote, even if Joe Biden ran during the primaries. This is a women, who since the start of her career, has endured scathing attacks by the GOP War Machine, and more recently from the Alt Right.  Let me be as clear as possible: there is nothing that Hillary Clinton has done that at all makes her unqualified or undeserving to be President of the United States. Mrs. Clinton has continuously worked for all Americans whether it be on universal healthcare, which she championed in 1993, or tackling the issue of a woman’s right to choose. But many people will argue about her emails, the Clinton Foundation or the Goldman Sachs speeches. Let me ask a question in regards to those “damn emails”: Did the emails reach the person they needed to reach? If they did, then stop worrying. With the Clinton Foundation, did they take money from foreign entities? Of course they did, its a global charity not an American funded NGO. And the pay-to-play notion is absurd given that the  positions that were up for grabs were useless positions; they were fluff positions, just like the Ambassador of Student Inclusion role on our illustrious SGA. So even if their donations did churn out a position for some backroom, janitor closet board of whatever, it truly had no merit or responsibly. Now the Goldman-Sachs speeches puzzle me since no one has seen the transcripts, no one knows what was said or how they were used. My guess is it dealt with foreign business and investment, since when she gave those speeches she just ended her term as Secretary of State. That has a fairly reasonable use in this election, but holds little ground as being the reason why someone wouldn’t vote for Hillary. The bottom line is by voting for Jill Stein, Gary Johnson or Donald Trump will only do one thing for America: throw the Black Lives Matter Movement, Bernie Sanders’s progressive platform, future gun legislation, Obamacare and any other persons Trump has insulted under the bus of the political system. Having anyone else besides Hillary Clinton in the White House will cause an even more aggressive divide between the American people and will create a widening split within Congress. We must face the ‘music’ or whatever has made your mind revolt against Hillary Clinton, and reconsider your vote for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, who by the way has an extremely lengthy resume, which will make these two the most qualified Candidates to be President and Vice President this nation has ever seen. So if you’re reading this, while wearing a Donald Trump campaign shirt (check the tag, it probably says “Make China Great Again” aka Made In China), turning Republican red in the face and start to chant “TRUMP!” as loud as possible, make sure you realize that the only thing you support is the bigotry that has engulfed this election. Quoting Professor Warren Rosenblum “Countries get the leaders they deserve” … and if anyone thinks we deserve Donald Trump, they are wrong.

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