Letter to the editor: SGA is looking for improvement and communication


Written by Vasif Durarbayli, Student Government President.

What does Student Government Association (SGA) do? 

This was the most common question that I faced during my election campaign. SGA does what students want us to do.

This raises another important question: What do students really want?

Unfortunately, we do not have a clear view of students’ needs because the bridge between students and SGA is not well built for unknown reasons.  One of our main goals is creating a strong relationship between students and SGA in order to help them. Therefore, we are asking students to send us their feedback.

We initiated a new approach to these meetings so that now, in order to participate in some SGA committees, students don’t actually need to be a part of SGA. This means that they can contribute to improving student life without officially joining our organization. We invite all students to participate in our open session bi-weekly at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Please check the current committees on the website and contact us if you are interested. Recently, we created Hurricane Harvey Relief to work on helping the community that struggled as a result of Hurricane Harvey and Irma . Because of this, we are requesting ideas from the student body to assist us in this effort.

Thanks to Webster Journal, SGA now has a column where we will share news about our work. We are hoping to reach all students this way.

Currently, SGA is having elections for Senator positions. Please vote for the candidates that will serve  your best interests.

We are looking to hear your thoughts. My email is sgapresident@webster.edu. If you want to contact other SGA members, please check webster.edu/sga or you can contact us through our Facebook page.

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