Editorial: The Journal supports peaceful protests


After the ruling in the Jason Stockley trial, the citizens of St. Louis have found themselves in a similar situation as they did in 2014 with Michael Brown. People of every race and gender marched through the streets of St. Louis to voice their displeasure with the ruling and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, again.

The Journal has covered both the events that have happened in the city of St. Louis and on the home campus in Webster Groves. We understand emotions are high and can lead to brash decision making.

With that being said, The Journal staff is proud to be associated with Webster University and its community. Many media sources choose to focus their coverage on the few individuals that feel the need to vandalize and destroy the community that we all call home. We recognize those people are in the minority.

From the protests in the city to the most recent protest on the home campus, Webster students and faculty have remained peaceful in their protests and have made their point with their voices, not destruction.

Webster is home to a very diverse community that includes many different opinions. It is important we respect it. It is also important we respect the university campus itself.

Vandalization takes the voice away from any protest. The actions that have taken place in The Delmar Loop do nothing for the movement and associate it with destruction. Protests are for opening the eyes of the public for them to recognize a societal issue. When windows are broken in the Delmar Loop, the public just sees broken glass.

The Journal staff has and will continue to support peaceful protesting with the right message and we will continue to share your voice through our coverage. We are all Webster and we are proud to say it.


Jacob Claspille-Editor in Cheif

Haley Walter-News Editor

Andrew Mcmunn-Lifestyle Editor

Hayley Abshear-Opinions Editor

Sara Banourra-Managing Editor

Jessica Karins-Copy Editor

Ian Scott-Social Media Manager

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