Letter to the Editors: Webster resident urges students to vote


Young people can determine the outcome of this election. Your future depends on it.

Dear Students: 


Most young people between 18 and 30 years old want to vote but don’t. Follow the directions at any of the above websites and you WILL vote. 

Young people can determine the outcome of this election. Your future depends on it. Whether it’s local elections or national, you have the power to change all of our futures for the better. Don’t let the older generation be the ones to decide your future. A much higher percentage of over 60 year olds vote but YOU are a bigger chunk of the eligible voters. YOU must be the ones to determine YOUR future. VOTE. 

As Bernie Sanders said: “Are you willing to fight for that person who you don’t even know as much as you’re willing to fight for yourself? Are you willing to fight for young people drowning in student debt even if you are not? Are you willing to fight to ensure that every American has health care as a human right even if you have good healthcare? Are you willing to fight for frightened immigrant neighbors even if you are native born?” 

Can you do something about climate change and racial justice? Si se puede! 

Then VOTE!! 

It’s easy. Go to one of those websites and register. 

Look for any state DEADLINES for either registering or applying for a mail-in ballot or for mailing it back. Each state is different but the website has it all covered. 

Then MAIL in your ballot, DROP it off in a ballot box, 

or GO to the polls WITH A FRIEND 

on EARLY voting days or on Election Day. 

Make a PLAN. Put it in your organizer. Do it NOW!! Before it’s too late. 

You can also sign up at your local election office to be a Poll Worker! 

Please. Our lives depend on it. 


Pat Kaplan 

Kaplan recommended these websites to get involved:

Kaplan wrote,  “Any of those websites will take you step by step to register to vote, to get a mail in ballot, and to find a polling place no matter where you live.”

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