“WAP” is long overdue and much needed


WAP may not be for everyone, but I think the song has done a lot for opening up the discussion about sex.

Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B have released what I believe is one of the most important songs of 2020. WAP focuses around the topic of sex and female domination in bed. I think it is long overdue that women get their chance to write a dirty song that tops the charts. 

For years, men have been writing lyrics about objectifying women, beating them and treating them like walking sex toys. Finally, a female duo releases a song about women wanting more out of men in the bedroom and internet trolls rise from their cave to slut shame. 

I think this deep-rooted misogyny comes from a lack of respect and education about female sexuality. Sex is supposed to be enjoyed by all consenting parties. Educating yourself about your partner’s wants and needs is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy sexual relationship. It does not make a woman a whore to want to enjoy sleeping with a consenting partner.

I think the biggest misconception about this song is that it is strictly about sex. This song goes much deeper than what the lyrics may imply. Articles and blog posts about women faking orgasms and finding disappointment in the bedroom is one of the main reasons why songs like this need to exist. 

Society is so focused on making women out to be promiscuous as though it is a bad thing to have more than one sexual partner. What this song boils down to is a lack of respect for women in both the bedroom and out of the bedroom. WAP is about female empowerment  including speaking up about your wants and needs.

This argument obviously applies to all genders, but I think the little education we receive regarding women’s bodies has led to this point. We do not learn enough about ourselves and our partners to fully understand how to maintain a healthy sexual partnership. Women are not often encouraged to speak up about their wants in a sexual context because it often leads to slut shaming and discouragement of the subject. 

Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B are both known for their “explicit” song material. Some of their most popular songs are about sex and female empowerment. I think these two women are doing a great service to women by opening up the conversation about what sex is like for women. It helps alleviate some of the stigma behind talking about sex and gives it a more lighthearted, funny way of starting the discussion. 

The song took me by surprise on my first listen. The content was nothing like I had heard on the radio before, but it was uplifting to hear that there are women out there so open to talking about their sexual interests. It may not be a song I would choose for a young audience, but I think the people shaming the female artists have the wrong idea about the nature of WAP.

Critics say that the song is too vulgar for a wide range of listeners, but I do not think that sex should be considered a vulgar topic. It is time to have the discussion about sex at a younger age to teach the next generation that it is okay to say no, it is okay to say that you are not having fun and it is okay to expect your partner to respect you. We spend too much time moderating what the younger generation hears to the point where young men and women are too afraid to speak up about the negative sexual experiences they are having. 

I think it is time to start teaching more about mutual respect in sexual partners. Sex is not a dirty subject. Sex is something that many people will experience in their lifetime. We should be doing more to make the topic of sex something that is not considered taboo. I think creating a positive dialogue around the topic of sex will make beginners more comfortable expressing their feelings and asking the necessary questions to ensure that they start on an educated path to exploring their sexuality. 

WAP may not be for everyone, but I think the song has done a lot for opening up the discussion about sex. All consenting parties deserve to feel appreciated and listened to. It is time that we have more discussions about healthy sexual relationships and how to foster them.

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