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Student athletes at Webster have felt like the training room isn’t the same without athletic trainer Martin Fields. Former and current athletes have rallied to show their support for Fields, who recently faced a medical setback.

Webster’s athletic trainer Martin Fields recently suffered a medical setback resulting in his absence from the training room this semester. Webster athletes have set up a few ways to help him return as soon as possible in response to the news of Fields not coming back for the 2020 fall semester.

Former Webster athletes, Lauren Nuelle and Sydney Tedesco, collaborated to raise funds in an effort to help pay for some of Fields’ medical expenses. The pair set up a fundraiser selling t-shirts. The shirts read “Go Martin” on the front and the message “It’s time for us to help you get back on the field” on the back with the #GorlokStrong. According to Nuelle, her and Tedesco came up with the idea for a fundraiser since he has taken care of the athletes all of these years.

“Martin has always been there for us,” Nuelle said on “I think this is a chance for us to be there for him and show how much he’s appreciated.”

Webster athletic trainer Martin Fields watches a game from the dugout. Fields is out on leave after a medical setback.
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Tedesco also set up a GoFundMe for Fields as he recovers. Her goal is  to raise $6,000. As of Sept. 8, the GoFundMe has raised $4,445. Webster athletes showed their support by gathering and performing a drive-by parade for Fields at his home as well. Fields returned home from the hospital Aug. 27. Webster’s Student Athlete Advisory Committee held the parade on Sept. 1. Fields was outside waiting for the parade with a shirt that read “I am #GorlokStrong.”

The absence of Fields has changed the dynamic of the training room, according to a few student athletes. Henok Moges, junior defender and midfielder for men’s soccer, said it feels as though a piece of the training room is missing.

“Without his constant joking and lovable personality, it doesn’t feel the same,” Moges said. “A lot of responsibility has been put on the work study students such as myself because of his absence. I just hope he’s back healthy and back working ASAP.”

Other athletes recall Fields’ constant humor and care as something they miss with the absence of their head athletic trainer. Junior softball pitcher, Arianna Arias, said Fields’ care for others has helped her throughout her athletic experience at Webster.

Arias explained how Fields always put the athletes’ needs before his own. According to Arias, he was always caring and giving for others.

“He has specifically impacted my life because when I wouldn’t have someone to talk to, he was always there to lift up my spirits,” Arias said. “Plus, he always tells these corny jokes that just brings a different meaning of life.”

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