Letter from the Editor: The Journal is now on Flipboard

Graphic by Matt Duchesne

We are only a week away from midterms and The Journal is on its fourth printed issue of the year. To put that into perspective, at this time last year we were putting out our sixth issue of the semester and preparing to put out our seventh the week after. Obviously things have changed.

Due to budget changes we will only be printing seven issues this semester. But for the development of the students who make up The Journal, as well as for our readers, we will not let those limitations hold us back.

To make up for this gap, we are introducing a new digital publication through Flipboard that will publish in the off weeks when The Journal is not printed.

Flipboard gives us the opportunity to stay on a weekly publication schedule while expanding our digital repertoire.  For our readers, it offers more ways to experience  Journal content, especially on mobile devices. Flipboard offers the superior way of reading The Journal on the go with your smartphone or tablet.

As with every new venture, we expect there to be a learning curve. I hope our readers will help us through the curve by offering us both criticism and suggestions on how we can better improve this new publication.

If you would like your thoughts to be published in upcoming issues of The Journal, please submit to websterjournal@gmail.com.

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