What will the Journal staff do to celebrate winter break?


As the fall 2021 semester ends, Webster University students are preparing for winter break.

Whether it includes celebrating holidays, traveling with friends and family or just relaxing, everyone could use some time off. How will the Journal staff spend that time?

Sean Mullins

I always plan to spend breaks catching up on my games backlog, spending time with friends and relaxing by myself. By the end of every break, I’m lucky if I accomplish one of those goals.

Not getting everything done won’t stop me from enjoying winter break – after all, what’s the point of a stress-free break if you fill it with a rigid schedule? Hopefully, I’ll use my time more efficiently this year, though. I’m happy to have any time with friends whatsoever, but with many of my friends graduating soon, I want to spend as much time with them as possible.

If nothing else, I’ll at least dig into some games I’ve been waiting to play. My top priority is the Psychonauts series, which has been on my radar for years. I could also return to games I didn’t finish, whether that’s because I got distracted by other commitments (“Final Fantasy VII”) or because I was mind-numbingly bored (“Pokemon Shining Pearl”).

Kate McCracken

I usually use the four weeks off school to de-stress, catch up on books, movies or shows and attempt to make grandiose New Year’s resolutions. Typically, I end up forgetting all about the reading and watching TV and bettering myself; every day these next four weeks I will probably be staying in bed until noon and spending my days scrolling through YouTube.

By the time we have come back from winter break, I hope to have learned the secrets of  the universe and the meaning to life, or possibly find aliens. Ask me again in a month if I have found the answers by browsing YouTube and sleeping.

Cas Waigand

I hope to take winter break as a time to de-stress: to spend time with long-time friends, to celebrate the holidays with family and to curl up in bed with a newly discovered “Avatar” book.

It will be my last semester at Webster University when we return for the spring, so I am hoping to start new holiday traditions with the friends I have found at the university.

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Sean Mullins (she/they) is the managing editor and webmaster for the Journal, formerly the opinions editor during the 2021/2022 school year. She is a media studies major and professional writing minor at Webster University, but she's participated in student journalism since high school, having previously been a games columnist, blogger and cartoonist for the Webster Groves Echo at Webster Groves High School. Her passion is writing and editing stories about video games and other entertainment mediums. Outside of writing, Sean is also the treasurer for Webster Literature Club. She enjoys playing games, spending time with friends, LGBTQ+ and disability advocacy, streaming, making terrible puns and listening to music.

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Kate McCracken (she/her) is currently a staff writer for The Journal. She has previously worked as the lifestyle editor. She is a double major in Philosophy and History, minoring in Professional Writing. She has always loved to write and create stories, and she wrote her first book at age 10. Aside from writing, Kate also enjoys photography, environmental/animal activism, paranormal investigation and oneirology, the study of dreams.

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Cas Waigand (she/her) was the editor-in-chief for the Journal (Spring 2021). She majored in journalism with a minor in photography. Cas also covered COVID-19 and the 2020 general election. She enjoys writing, watching Netflix, crocheting, and taking photos.