SGA: Moving forward to benefit the students


This is a PSA from Vice President of SGA Zoe Burton

In wake of the many resignations, the Student Government Association is still moving forward. Who would have guessed? Oddly enough, all of the new appointments and new senators have joined the team eager to work and bring new ideas. Most recently, SGA has taken the ideas brought in the survey we put out at the Involvement Fair earlier this semester and investigating how we can get those started. So far, we have picked about four different projects to focus on, but nothing comes easy. There are many elements to be sorted out before we have an absolute “go ahead” for any of these projects

Student Grant Fund has been popping. I am still learning and finding more ways to be efficient and effective in my position as Vice President of SGA because there is a lot I do not know and always ways to be better. But let it be known that there are so many students, undergraduate and graduate, that are going to some amazing conferences and representing Webster in incredible ways. We have students presenting their research on a national scale, students finding new ways to improve and master their crafts, and students eager to learn and gain as much as they can in their college experience and that is admirable.

In other news, the Gorlok Glow party has been cancelled due to planning issues, but no worries we have two other events that SGA will be hosting this week. Wednesday, February 21 in Sunnen Lounge, we will be hosting the premiere of Gonzo created and directed by David Kirkman.

We are almost to that halfway point of the year folks and there is a lot to look forward to. If there is ever anything you want voiced, have any questions or want to meet or hangout with any of the Student Government Association members, feel free to stop our office located across from Sunnen lounge. We would love for you to stop by and visit. There are some open positions in SGA that we are still looking for people to fill. On top of that, elections are not too far off in the horizon, so be expecting some announcements about that soon to come.

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