Spring(ing) Forward


Spring break has come and gone. Students and faculty force themselves through the rainy weather of the final eight weeks of the semester, often coasting through their final weeks. Lackadaisical days of spring make slacking-off the easy way out.
The Journal believes that this is the prime opportunity for students to take advantage of all the resources of Webster University.
Seniors, close to graduation, shouldn’t forget that these are their final days of college. Make sure you’re making appointments at career services, finalizing internships and hunting down jobs.
The final weeks of higher education are crunch time. Term papers, senior research projects and graduate-level theses will take shape. The easy-access you’ve had to electronic equipment and expert advice in the form of professors is soon to dry up.
In the final days, it’s important for students at all levels to make every use of the resources provided by the university.
Freshmen should use this as the time to get involved with clubs and campus groups that they may have shied away from during the semester. Developing personal relationships with your fellow student is imperative to quality education.
As the weather improves, underclassmen should seek out the outdoor events and activities sure to be dotting the quad in the weeks to come. Students involved on their campus are happier and more productive. It is a rich campus experience and education that create loyal alumi.
The Journal knows that the friendships and assets on this campus will provide life-long opportunities and relationships for the students.
Whether it’s networking at the regular career fairs on campus, or meeting like-minded students in a club, interaction with Webster in these final weeks can make or break the college experience.

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