Friday, March 31, 2023

Nov. 8 preview: “Local politics really can affect someone’s life”

After a year of tug-of-war in the United States, the points of battle in politics have come to a head as the midterm elections...

SGA presidential candidates weigh in on current topics

Note: This article was printed in a Journal issue on Apr. 20, 2022. The Student Government Association (SGA) is holding its election for the 2022-2023...

SGA inducts fourth president since April

Two SGA presidents resigned within weeks of each other. Sarah Hill, a sophomore political science major, is the fourth president of the Student Government Association...

SGA announces 2019-20 election results

Students voted sophomore John Wallis as the Student Government Association (SGA)  president for the 2019-20 school year. Wallis surpassed the next closest candidate, Wafa Osman,...

Students establish prayer room on campus

Student Aathif Shamail and his friends sought to find a private place to pray. They previously had to use library study rooms. Every day, Samih...

Student Government Association confirms new student group

Brothers Empowered aspires to empower men of color in their new group.

Webster Student Government Association appoints new vice president

Webster University's Student Government Association (SGA) vice president Noor Fatima "Bunny" Rashid will not be returning to the school. SGA President Vladimir Radojkovic has appointed her replacement.

SGA can benefit you and your voice matters

This PSA was written by SGA Vice President Zoe Burton The games have commenced, people. Candidates have submitted their applications, the polls are open and...

SGA candidates running for 2018-19

Webster released the list of candidates for the 2018-2019 academic year

Student Government PSA: Apply for SGA

Want to work for us?

Student Government PSA: SGA is here for you

From possible hammocks to healthy protests, we've got your back

SGA: Moving forward to benefit the students

We are almost at halfway, and we are staying positive.

SGA is excited for Black History Month

Show your leadership by applying for SGA. We need you.

Exciting things to come in SGA

Written by Zoe Burton, Vice President of SGA The amount of excitement dwelling inside me is almost uncontainable. We have a lot to look forward...

SGA Column: Get involved with SGA

Student Government Association Vice President Heather Hamilton will have a column every issue of The Journal about what is happening in SGA. There are many opportunities to get involved.

SGA passes resolution for student voter initiation

SGA passed resolution F1301 on Tuesday Sept. 17 in support of a new voters registration campaign for the 2013-14 academic year.