SGA presidential candidates weigh in on current topics


Note: This article was printed in a Journal issue on Apr. 20, 2022.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is holding its election for the 2022-2023 academic year from (DATES). This year, there are multiple positions that no one has filed for. These include comptroller and senators for the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology, School of Education and graduate students.

The only position where more than one candidate filed was the presidential race. This year, the presidential candidates are Fahima Band Ali and Khyree Plair.

The Journal asked each candidate questions about campus involvement, diversity and what they would hope to achieve as president of SGA.

How would you recommend increasing involvement on campus, especially among commuters?

Ali: I was a commuter in my freshman year at Webster University. It was definitely challenging for me to stay engaged on campus because a lot of times even when I wanted to participate in an event, the timing would not work for me. I am excited that everything is going back to normal and I am looking forward to the possibility of serving as the SGA president because I want our commuters to experience the amazing and exciting life on campus that I am experiencing now living on campus. As president, my goal is to encourage different organizations to host a variety of events, increase the number of events, and finally to encourage on campus organizations to host their events on time convenient to commuters such as events before evenings.I will also be using SGA to host more events, and increase excitement in campus.

Plair: To increase involvement, I currently and want to continue to encourage students to simply introduce themselves to other students. When we get to know each other, it opens conversations. Conversations include interests. These interests allow room to find clubs that fit each person. Networking. I want students to get to know each other and invite one another to their spaces. This not only promotes more involvement but also gives community and a sense of belonging to all.

I would encourage commuters to challenge themselves to be more communicative by mingling with their peers in their courses, as well as outside of the classroom. I personally am a commuter. Aside from my own personal interest in involvement, a big piece of my reasoning came from meeting upper-class students who encouraged me to join spaces.


How would you ensure organizations and activities promote diversity and inclusion among all minority groups on campus (including racial, religious, LGBT and students with disabilities)?


Ali: SGA is an organization on campus that takes care of all students. As the president, I will be upholding that value to the highest standards and I will be using my platform to encourage, support, and provide the resources for student and student organization to make them feel welcomed, heard, valued, and understood.


Plair: To ensure and promote diversity and inclusion for all minority groups on campus, I want to engage first with individual students. I want to encourage students to invite others of all backgrounds and identities to their groups. No matter the focus of the group, it’s important to have individuals from different walks of life. Diversity brings new understandings and knowledge. It’s a necessity!  With the support, I would like to create an annual event to promote inclusivity amongst our Webster campus, bringing together all university organizations in one space at one time.


What is one specific goal or plan you would hope to achieve as president?

Ali: My biggest three goals as SGA president are:

Provide and bring conservatory majors representations in SGA. Conservatory majors are currently not being represented by SGA because of the timing conflict.

Promote mental health resources and Zero Stress Day where there are no classes, no club meetings, just fun activity on campus.

Promote inclusion, celebrate culture, diversity, and the uniqueness of each of our students.

My slogan is: Culture First, Spirit First, YOU First


Plair: One specific goal I have is working with multiple Webster departments and local companies to build and sponsor more professional development programs. I am a huge advocate for professional development and leadership and want to help others create better futures for themselves. This may include internships, financial resources, and many more. As a college student, I want us not to forget that there is life after college.


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