SGA plans resurfacing of sand volleyball courts


SGA President Sarah Hill said the area will be repurposed to provide a space for all students.

After a year of preparations, the sand volleyball courts near the University Center will soon be resurfaced according to Student Government Association (SGA) members and Dean of Students John Buck.

According to SGA President Sarah Hill, the plan to repurpose the court came after SGA members noticed a lack of student interest in the area. SGA began to devise a plan last fall. Members created a survey that asked students what they wanted in the space. With the help of Buck, SGA’s advisor, SGA began speaking with members of administration about the university co-funding the project with SGA.

Hill said the project will take more research by SGA and administration to determine a specific cost.

Buck said the project will cost at least $10,000.

“We are still figuring out what we want,” Buck said.

The volleyball net poles have been taken down but the sand remains. Buck estimates the construction will start again in the spring. For now, SGA is purposefully slowing down the process.

Hill expressed SGA has made a goal to make the space to be more inclusive.

“We are holding off on the court for the fall and considering the space in a much more sustainable fashion that will be accessible and beneficial to all students,” Hill said.

Buck is hoping the space will be more interactive.

“We want the space to be more of a social zone,” Buck said “SGA has made a strong commitment for umbrellas.”

According to junior Ansley Juan, she is unlikely to use the space even after a repurposing of the space.

“No one wants to hang out behind the UC away from everything,” Juan said. “Resurfacing the area isn’t going to make people use it so why are my tuition dollars going to waste?”

Ansley is not alone questioning the cost of repurposing the space, according to sophomore Cameron Dunlap. Dunlap said he could not recall a time he has seen someone use the space.

“Sometimes I forget it’s even there,” Dunlap said.

Webster built the sand volleyball courts six years ago.

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