SGA plans to modify constitution before spring semester


Student Government Association (SGA) President Michael Grosch is looking to modify the SGA constitution before he leaves to study abroad next semester. As part of a semester long project of SGA, Grosch said the motions to change the constitution would take place during each SGA meeting.

“I want the constitution to be up to date,” Grosch said. “I want it to be as current as possible, and as functional as possible.”

The SGA constitution was first established in 1996. Grosch said the current constitution is just a patch work. He said some of the articles in the constitution are stated twice, but worded differently.

The first two motions of modifying the constitution were discussed at the Oct. 29 SGA meeting. Articles IX, and X were combined to become Article IX- Student Organizations. Article IX discusses the establishments of charters, and Article X recognizes student organizations. Article XI of the old constitution becomes Article X since Articles XI, and X are now one article. According to the Powerpoint Grosch presented at the SGA meeting, the purpose of combining articles IX, and X is to clarify, and update procedures.

The Preamble, Articles I, II and III were discussed at the meeting, but a motion to change the articles did not take place. SGA Vice President Katie Maxwell offered motion which separated the preamble into its own motion. The change to the preamble according to Grosch is closer reflected to the United States constitution.

The current SGA preamble establishes SGA, and “preserve a meeting ground of peace and education in which all may prosper.” Maxwell said she did not see a point in changing the preamble.

The proposed changes to Article I specify the establishment of all the SGA officers, something that is not completely established in Article I. Articles II and III’s changes include rewording, and reorganizing sections. Grosch said students should not expect any major changes to the constitution.

“It’s just simply cleaning this up,” Grosch said. “There’s no crazy things in there. It’s just a matter of cleaning things up (within the constitution) for a better understanding.”

A vote to motion changes to the Preamble, Articles I, II and III is expected to take place at the next SGA meeting.


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