SGA can benefit you and your voice matters


This PSA was written by SGA Vice President Zoe Burton

The games have commenced, people. Candidates have submitted their applications, the polls are open and the sound of campaigning has filled the campus. That’s right, Student Government Association (SGA) elections are happening this week. You can cast your vote by logging into and using your connections username and password. Information about each of the candidates is available on the top of the voting page, but if you want more highlights or help choosing who to vote for, you can check out the video of the live-stream from the SGA presidential debate.

One thing that I have noticed amongst students is the mixed feelings about the whole process of elections or SGA in as a whole. Some of those feelings come from some of the reports of poor conduct between members, SGA members resigning, or events we host. So I think it is important to note why you, as a student of Webster University should care about the Student Government elections.

The first and most important reason is that your voice matters. As cliche as that may sound, the people you vote in will be the main ones advocating and having conversations with administration to help the student body. The people you put in should be a reflection of student voices, especially most of the issues on campus are not directly seen by administration. Second, SGA is primarily funded by Student Activity fee, which every student at Webster pays for. That means all of the members elected into SGA, especially executive members, are accountable for handling those funds.

Voting ensures that your voice is represented no matter how the results turn out. We have some wonderful applicants each with their own vision of the next year for Webster University students. I admire how many people we have wanting to make a difference and be a catalyst for change on campus. We will be able to see a lot of that great leadership highlighted at the Student Leadership awards April 27, which I have the pleasure of emceeing with Caitlyn Vanover.

With that being said, SGA is still hard at work. The Allocation Committee plans on meeting so they can set some funds up for the Hammock project that is still underway. Fortunately that project is getting very close to it’s finalization. Once the SGA Allocation Committee votes on how much to allocate and gets it approved by the SGA general body members, they will be able to move on with that and a few other projects.

Nonetheless, keep pushing y’all. We are almost to the end of this semester. Another chapter of graduates, new students, and more schoolwork is awaiting us. In the words of former President Barack Obama, “It is you, the young and fearless at heart, the diverse and educated generation in history, who the nation is waiting to follow.” Stay encouraged Webster.

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