Editorial: Students should care about SGA elections


In the upcoming Student Government Association (SGA) election, many candidates are running unopposed. In fact, nine of the 13 SGA positions are filled with candidates running unopposed. There are also two positions that did not have any applicants, leaving only two of 13 positions with any rivalry whatsoever.

This is not a criticism of SGA by The Journal, but rather a call to action for student involvement on campus. Many students want change on campus, and yet there is little action behind those calls for change. If you want changes made and want things actually accomplished, run for a position with SGA.

The election of SGA positions is supposed to be a democratic process, yet nine of 13 positions will not be contested. That’s not to mention the two positions that will not be voted on at all, spare for write-ins, (senators in the School of Education and the School of Business and Technology), since no one applied. Students need to be interested in SGA because SGA is the best way we as students can be represented on campus.

The Journal urges Webster students to get involved in SGA. If you want to see change on campus, if there is an issue that you care about, make your voice heard. SGA holds an open floor at their meetings that can be taken advantage of. Next year, when elections come around consider running for a position.

This editorial is the view of the editorial board, which is composed of 12 editors. You can find their names posted in the masthead.

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