Student Government PSA: Apply for SGA


This PSA was written by SGA Vice President Zoe Burton

Spring break is over and it was not long enough, but let it be known that applications for the 2018-19 Student Government Association positions are now available online. If you feel like you want to make a difference and would be able to represent the student body well, then you should apply. It is always refreshing to have some new dedicated and eager faces.

Just recently, SGA sent some monetary donations, as well as water and some food to a shelter in Flint, MI. That drive was spearheaded by our Ambassador for Student Inclusion, Vlad Radojkovic. The Flint event is not the last event coming from Mr. Radojkovic. He plans on at least hosting a couple other events before the year is out.

In other news, if you do not know about the Student Grant Fund, there is still time and money for you to apply. Through the Student Grant Fund many students have been able to attend conferences, go on retreats, attend out of state meetings, and many other things through it. This is a hidden aid that can financially help students a reasonable amount. The application is available on SGA’s involved page or simply by googling “Student Grant Fund Webster” and it should be the first or second link. Through SGF myself and two other students were able to attend the Missouri Governor’s Student Leadership Forum, which was an incredible experience.

So far this semester 59 students have benefitted from this.

There is definitely progress happening all around and other things that I did not make mention of going on, but the keyword there is progress. Please remember if there’s anything you want to express or make known to any member on SGA, feel free to stop by the office or general body session. We would be more than happy to hear your opinion, question, concern, or comment.

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