Student Government PSA: SGA is here for you


This PSA was written by SGA Vice President Zoe Burton.

Spring break could not come any sooner. I would like to think of this break as a chance to recharge and come back with extra finesse to truck through that next term.

Term two also means something special for the Student Government Association, it means election time. There is already quite a bit of speculation as to who plans on running for SGA president, but the main point of focus should be in the student body because that is who chooses the next round of SGA members. I want to encourage everyone to be sure to vote and tell a friend to tell a friend to vote, as well.  I think it would be amazing to make Webster University voting history by making this year the biggest voter turnout ever.

With talking about the new things to come, I cannot leave out the other things in the works for SGA, like Delegate’s Agenda. The Communications Committee for Delegate’s Agenda has made quite a bit of progress. One of the main concerns brought to the committee was creating a way to socially connect more with students and get information out more efficiently. A couple solutions have been discussed, but there’s still a little bit more to flesh out.

In other news, at the last SGA working session meeting, our Student Liaison, Aathif Shamail, gave a very thorough presentation about the costs and benefits of creating some spots on campus to have hammocks. Hopefully SGA gets approved with this project because it out be very lit to have hammocks on campus. Saint Louis University, where Shamail got a good chunk of information from about hammocks, has had much success with the hammocks they have on campus. It is not guaranteed that SGA will get the hammocks, but there is definitely a desire to have them.

It’s amazing how many layers a web page can have. With that being said, I want to encourage y’all to follow Webster University on Twitter (@websteru), Instagram (@websteru), and Facebook (@websteru). Also, any time there’s something happening at the University or something you are doing as a student, feel free to tag Webster, you just might get a retweet.

Last week, the Diversity and Inclusion conference took place over at the Luhr building and I had the amazing privilege of interviewing Dr. Donald Suggs. Dr. Suggs is a publisher and executive editor for the St. Louis American newspaper. I have never done anything like that before and it was absolutely amazing hearing the wisdom from life experiences and past relationships that he had to give out. It felt like being at home and listening to a grandparent tell a story while giving some insight and rebuking some things taking place all at the same time. The interview was definitely a great way to “elevate the conversation”, like SGA plans to help do as well

Speaking of elevating the conversation, today SGA was notified that Westboro Baptist Church will be conducting a protest from 8:30-9am on Lockwood Avenue in front Webster University. This group is known for advocating and saluting things like aids and terrorism, claiming that it is God’s way of punishing us. They are also known for carrying signs that say “God hates fags…” Because of the first amendment of the Constitution, that is the sole reason they will be allowed to assemble in that spot. Just be aware, they intentionally want to provoke people to react violently so that they can profit off of the lawsuits of any physical actions taken against them.

I urge any of you who plan to counter protest to peacefully do so. Not only do I not want any of you to get hurt, but I do not want to see a group gain profits to keep promoting hate. As a representative of this student body and of Webster University, I cannot and will not be silent about groups or organizations that promote hatred or prejudice towards other groups of people. Webster University does not stand with that at all. We pride ourself in the spread of diversity and acceptance of everyone from all backgrounds, identities, and cultures.  This campus is a place that welcomes everyone and will support its people.

This is a chance to be reminded of the campaign that was started at the beginning of the year: We are all Webster. We are all valuable. We are all learning. We are all vulnerable. We are all forgiving. We are all welcome. Even though a group such as Westboro wants to come and shake us, they will not win. Love conquerors all, love reigns over all.

If you ever need a safe place or do not feel comfortable, you are more than welcome to stop by the SGA office and relax. If you need extra moral support, I, personally, am more than willing to give to a hug and assure you that who you are is who you need to be. Spread the love, folks.

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