Monday, May 29, 2023

Letter to the Editor: Use your vote to impact the college experience at...

In this letter, Christopher Whitmore explains how students can make the biggest impact with their votes in the SGA elections.

Letter to the Editor: Humans vs the enviroment

Caitlin Zera, a Film Production Major, is frustrated by the liter Humans vs Zombies leaves behind on campus.

Letter to the editor: Budget jobs part of Webster’s luster

Evan Mueller shares his point of view on the proposed budget cuts to student media as a former budgeted employee.

Letter to the editor: Budget cuts silence students’ stories

Andrea Sisney, alumna and former Editor-In-Chief, writes a letter on how the proposed budget cuts to student media. She feels that cutting student media so drastically take away student's stories and a place she considers to be home.

Letter to the editor: Extreme budget cuts don’t show support for student media

Brittany Ruess, former Editor-in-Chief at The Journal, wrote a letter to the editor on the proposed budget cuts to student media.

Letter to the editor: Students don’t speak up about ADP, they grumble

In this letter, Zeke Spellazza, Management major, questions the legitimacy of Webster students' issues with ADP and the effort they put into resolving these problems.

Letter to the editor: solar energy at Webster University

Joseph Strong, Mass Communications major, shares his excitement and concerns about the solar panels being installed on the roof of Maria Hall.

Letter to the Editor: What Happened To Black History Month?

India Lovings, Public Relations major, does not feel like Webster did enough to celebrate Black History Month. Read her letter to the editor to see how she thinks Webster compares to other colleges' celebration, and what she thinks Webster should do next year.

Letter to the Editor: Webster U/Eden lawsuit is not the only path

Two paths diverged in the wood and, if Webster U, Eden and the City of Webster Groves take the path less traveled, it will make all the difference. Webster Groves resident Dave Buck writes a letter to the editor sharing his perspective on the lawsuit.

Letter to the editor: Speaking on behalf of the hippos, in response to Kavahn...

Webster student Dylan Zukswert responds to Kavahn Mansouri vs the World with his take on vegetarianism.

Letter to the Editor: Billboard adds to prestige

Gretchen Daniels, junior, discusses the benefits of Webster's chess billboard.