Letter to the Editor: In response to The Journal’s coverage of the university’s stance on President Trump’s travel ban


By Daniel Hellinger, Professor of International Relations

In your story (Feb. 8-23) regarding on campus response to President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, you correctly report that I objected to the university statement that it “supports” all applicable immigration laws. Provost Julian Schuster responds that an Executive Order is not law, but in fact such an order has the “force of law.”

Provost Schuster goes on to say that the support the university is offering students is more important than opposing the order. He makes an analogy to arson. It’s more important to help people in the house that to say, “I am against arson. We all are against arson.”

I think the university is doing an admirable job supporting affected students. I am pleased that the Provost sees this Executive Order as the equivalent of arson.

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