Letter to the Editor: Quidditch articles a ‘slap in the face’ to Webster athletes


Webster student and Volleyball player Jory Siebenmorgen says The Journal’s two stories (Webster Quidditch breaks out the brooms for Gorlok Invitational and Webster Quidditch works toward improving participating numbers) about the Webster Quidditch team are insulting to Webster’s Division III athletes, and that the Sports page should focus on NCAA sports. 

Dear Editor,

As a student-athlete here at Webster, I was extremely disappointed to
see that an article covering Quidditch took up a majority of the Sports
page in the most current edition of The Journal. I am not trying to
undervalue or make enemies with those who are a part of Quidditch. It
honestly looks like a lot of fun and I enjoy seeing their practices.
However, this does nothing to alleviate my frustrations.

You published not one, but two stories about the club. I emphasize the
word CLUB. They are not an NCAA sport. They are not a part of Webster’s
amazing Athletics Department. The sports that are actually a part of
our university include soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, track
and field, cross country, tennis, basketball and golf. Our athletic
teams have created a legacy of success and one that our university
needs to know about. We work incredibly hard to represent Webster with
pride. Which is probably why your most recent Sports page felt like
such a slap in the face to those of us that saw it. Our athletic
programs have won countless Conference titles, made it to multiple NCAA
tournaments, won numerous academic awards, continue to produce
successful athletes as well as students and yet we are overlooked. We
have won so many amazing games since your last issue. Volleyball pulled
out a phenomenal win against Greenville which helped place them second
in the Conference. Women’s soccer won a great game against Westminster
and remains undefeated in the Conference. Two of our teams have had
SLIAC players of the week. Volleyball is hosting a Dig Pink weekend in
which all proceeds will go towards an organization committed to
fighting breast cancer. Why were those not written about? You could
have interviewed one of our many student-athletes, staff members or
coaches. Updated the campus on all the things happening with the
Gorloks. Literally, anything involving DIII athletics. But no. You chose
to write about Quidditch. And physically put it above the actual sports

Recently an article was written about how undervalued our athletics
are on this campus. Will you add to the problem, or help change it? If
you advertised big, upcoming games, maybe students would be better
informed and show up. We support the school, it is time for the school
to support the athletes.

A disappointed Gorlok

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    • Webster “Sports” page should be focused on sports….a guy running with a boom stick between his legs is ‘precious and hilarious’ #sweetarmsleeves

      • A guy throwing a weird egg ish shaped pigs bladder is ‘precious and hilarious’.
        A lass trying to hit a ball over a net repeatedly is ‘precious and hilarious’…..
        Wow it’s as if all sports were made up at some point….

  1. 1. Quidditch is a sport not a NCAA sport, but a sport none the less. 2. We run with brooms between our legs as a handicap, just like dribbling in basketball, using a stick in hockey, and not using hands in soccer. Keeping a broom between your legs is just a added challenge to playing the game. 3. We are in fact a club sport, let me emphasize a CLUB sport who has managed to organize with only the help that CLUB organizations get and not extra departments and longstanding institutions. 4. We are a young sport, approximately a decade old, essentially still in organizational infancy. 5. I understand that one of the main points of this article is fighting for more visibility for NCAA athletes, which is well warranted, I wish I knew more about all the awesome things you guys are doing it sounds great! The Breast cancer awareness event, the titles, you really bring a lot to this school. Webster is a small campus but has attracted a lot of great people doing great things. 6. The articles in the paper were about Webster Quidditch doing great things. We hosted a tournament with 8 teams with schools from all over the region. We played with Mizzou, we played with SIU. We the CLUB SPORT organized our own tournament, as STUDENTS for the love of a sport. The attempts not specifically in the article, but in comments attempting to legitimize Quidditch are moot. 7. This article asks for respect for NCAA athletes and I get that, I get that is a very crucial time for sports as things begin moving into post season play, but please show some respect for other sports, including CLUB sports. And finally, 8. The Journal is not sanctioned by the NCAA, most stories in the Journal are about the NCAA, but I have also read articles about Ultimate, and recently E-sports. These are all awesome things that Webster students are doing, and I have enjoyed reading about them all. The argument about the Journal being exclusively NCAA sport is baseless. We are all out here hustling to better ourselves and to make Webster proud, let us please respect each other.

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