Thursday, June 8, 2023

From the other side of the screen: An online student’s Webster experience

Online student Kaylan Schardan is part of the Webster community, but she doesn't feel like it.

Adjunct calls for solidarity

"Webster operates the same way Walmart does: it passes on the cost of its personnel to others." Philosophy Professor Steve Findley writes a letter to the editor in support of adjunct unionization.

The plight of the adjunct

"76.4 percent of faculty instructing at colleges nationwide average an income within federal poverty guidelines."

Webster, the Digital Age is now

In today's media-driven world, the elimination of printed flyers is necessary at Webster University.

Student advises WU to improve academic advising

A negative experience with advising leads Daniel Carcione to call for change.

Adjuncts are committed to Webster—Webster should commit to adjuncts

In his letter to the editor, Adjunct Professor David Hilditch rallies for adjunct unionization.

Former French TA takes up pen in protest

On Jan. 7, terrorists murdered 12 people on the staff of Charlie Hebdo, a left-wing satirical magazine, for the cartoon of Muhammad featured on the front page. First shocked by the news, this former Webster TA quickly joined the "Je suis Charlie" movement to protest the attack on free speech.

Black lives matter

A Webster student shares her experience with institutionalized racism and explains why the Black Lives Matter movement's fight for justice is an urgent matter.

President Stroble defends university’s sexual assault policy

Webster University President Elizabeth Stroble responds to Conservatory alumna Mackie Saylor's letter, "Webster sexual assault policy needs drastic reform." Stroble outlines how Webster strives to prevent sexual assault on campus.

Catcalls aren’t compliments

"Newsflash, buddy, the 1950s are long gone." Kalani slams Steve Santagati for his ignorant comments defending catcalling, which were recently featured on CNN in response to a viral anti-street harassment YouTube video.
Carry That Weight

Webster sexual assault policy needs drastic reform

The many harassment cases and protests on campus worry Conservatory alumna Mackie Sayor. She urges Webster to change its sexual assault policy, or risk student safety.

Letter to the Editor: A defense of the dead-in

Hezekiah McCaskill and Keyra Stephens wrote the Journal in response to the letter critiquing AAAC's dead-in. The writers believe the demonstration was a justified means to convey their protest of police brutality.

Letter to the Editor: Dead-in degrades deaths

Webster alumnus Jonathan Pfeifer feels the AAAC's dead-in protest was tactless and questions the logic of such demonstrations.

Letter from the Editor: The Journal is now on Flipboard

Editor-in-Chief Gabe Burns explains the gap weeks between Journal print issues and introduces Flipboard, where online issues will be posted every other week.
Obama's Letter to Webster

Letter to the Editor: Webster’s centennial nationally celebrated

Webster President Elizabeth Stroble celebrates Webster's centennial and its power to bring the Webster Groves community together, and expresses pride in the acknowledgement it has received by local as well as national government officials, including Mayor Welch and President Obama.

Letter to the Editor: Clueless as to context when comparing Harry Potter and Lord...

Creighton Chavez, art major, finds it inappropriate to compare Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in Issue 26 of “Kavahn Mansouri vs. The World”. Read to learn why she finds comparing The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series an injustice to both.