Friday, January 28, 2022

What can we learn from the LGBT community’s recent success?

By Jonathan Maher, Author In the months since the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to legalize gay marriage in June this year, related stories continue to...

From the other side of the screen: An online student’s Webster experience

Online student Kaylan Schardan is part of the Webster community, but she doesn't feel like it.

Letter to the Editor: Fighting hate with hate is not the answer

Ruchii Sheth, sophomore studio art major in printmaking says America needs to give President-Elect Donald J. Trump a chance.

Letter to the Editor: In response to The Journal’s coverage of the university’s stance...

Webster University professor of international relations Daniel Hellinger writes in response to our coverage on Webster University's statement following the president's executive order.

Letter from the Editor: The Journal is now on Flipboard

Editor-in-Chief Gabe Burns explains the gap weeks between Journal print issues and introduces Flipboard, where online issues will be posted every other week.

Letter to the Editor: a letter to President Stroble

By David Kirkman, Webster University student   President Beth Stroble of Webster University: First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. As you...

Letter to the Editor: Response to #DeleteUber

Webster University's sports announcer John Hoffmann writes in response to the opinions piece, "Politickin' me off: #DeleteUber."

Letter to the Editor: Safe Spaces are for progression

By Susan Rother, Webster University student   On Wednesday, Dec. 2, The Journal published Daniel Carcione’s “Safe spaces are unnecessary - the real world is not...

Letter to the editor: solar energy at Webster University

Joseph Strong, Mass Communications major, shares his excitement and concerns about the solar panels being installed on the roof of Maria Hall.

Letter to the Editor: Gov. Holden leaving Webster

By Bob Holden, former governor of Missouri and founder of the Holden Public Policy Forum at Webster University As of May 31, I will end...
Carry That Weight

Webster sexual assault policy needs drastic reform

The many harassment cases and protests on campus worry Conservatory alumna Mackie Sayor. She urges Webster to change its sexual assault policy, or risk student safety.

Letter to the Editor: Use your vote to impact the college experience at...

In this letter, Christopher Whitmore explains how students can make the biggest impact with their votes in the SGA elections.

Letter to the editor: Budget jobs part of Webster’s luster

Evan Mueller shares his point of view on the proposed budget cuts to student media as a former budgeted employee.

Letter to the editor: Extreme budget cuts don’t show support for student media

Brittany Ruess, former Editor-in-Chief at The Journal, wrote a letter to the editor on the proposed budget cuts to student media.

Student Government Association: SGA adds new ambassador

By the Student Government Association, written by Director of Communications Kelani Seaver With the semester coming to an end and fall elections for SGA coming...

Letter to the editor: Budget cuts silence students’ stories

Andrea Sisney, alumna and former Editor-In-Chief, writes a letter on how the proposed budget cuts to student media. She feels that cutting student media so drastically take away student's stories and a place she considers to be home.