Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Say all lives matter, but do they really?

By Mia Malcolm Picture it: America, 1492. Columbus sailed the ocean blue. It was such a beautiful meeting for native peoples, filled with genocide and...

Letter to the Editor: President Stroble, if diversity matters Webster must protect it

Webster University English major Alexandria Lenzi writes to President Elizabeth Stroble regarding a letter from the President and Provost on Civil Discourse following the United States presidential election.

In regards to safe spaces and the AAAC pieces in The Journal

By Monica Esquivel, class of 2018 To The Journal Staff: I am a sophomore at Webster University, and in my time here, I saw The Journal as a...

Letter to the Editor: a letter to President Stroble

By David Kirkman, Webster University student   President Beth Stroble of Webster University: First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. As you...

Letter to the Editor: Alumna disappointed with Webster’s treatment of instructors and lecturers

Caitlin Creech, Webster University alumna and former student of Lecturer Andrea Miller writes an open letter about how Miller and other instructor have been treated as employees at the university.

Letter to the Editor: “Two Muslim students don’t represent every Muslim student”

Webster student Hafsa Mansoor responds to The Journal's story "Muslim students find acceptance at Webster." Mansoor writes that the story failed to present different perspectives from Muslims on campus, citing her own personal experiences of Islamophobia at Webster.

Letter to the Editor: Humans vs the enviroment

Caitlin Zera, a Film Production Major, is frustrated by the liter Humans vs Zombies leaves behind on campus.

Letter to the Editor: Dead-in degrades deaths

Webster alumnus Jonathan Pfeifer feels the AAAC's dead-in protest was tactless and questions the logic of such demonstrations.

Letter to the Editor: Quidditch articles a ‘slap in the face’ to Webster athletes

Webster student and Volleyball player Jory Siebenmorgen says The Journal's two stories (Webster Quidditch breaks out the brooms for Gorlok Invitational and Webster Quidditch works toward...

Letter to the Editor: Removal of food options in SOC unfair to students, staff...

Wesbter student April Albrecht writes to President Elizabeth Stroble and School of Communications Dean Eric Rothenbuhler about the removal of the Simply to Go in Sverdrup's lobby.

Webster, the Digital Age is now

In today's media-driven world, the elimination of printed flyers is necessary at Webster University.

Letter to the Editor: Administration must take a zero-tolerance approach to recent “racist flyers”...

I would also like to apologize to the targeted student on behalf of all Webster University graduates. This attitude and type of harassment is not what we stand for, and we are proud to share our alma mater with you.

Letter to the Editor: Billboard adds to prestige

Gretchen Daniels, junior, discusses the benefits of Webster's chess billboard.

Letter to the Editor: Use your vote to impact the college experience at...

In this letter, Christopher Whitmore explains how students can make the biggest impact with their votes in the SGA elections.

Letter to the Editor: Trump losing the Latin-American vote by landslide

By Martin Dassum For Latin Americans around the world, the 2016 presidential election is a crucial event. I am not talking only about the relevance...

Letter to the editor: Students don’t speak up about ADP, they grumble

In this letter, Zeke Spellazza, Management major, questions the legitimacy of Webster students' issues with ADP and the effort they put into resolving these problems.