Thursday, October 6, 2022

Letter to the editor: Why Donald Trump is not qualified to be president

This letter to the editor was written by Andrea Richmond in response to the guest column "Why I support Donald Trump for president" by...

Letter to the Editor: Working together to pass comprehensive ethics reform

By Jay Nixon Missourians deserve a state government that reflects their values of honesty, integrity and accountability.  And while there are a great many dedicated...

Letter to the Editor: Flyers break anti-harrassment policy, endanger writer of opinion piece

By Kate Wylie We are Webster. We are vocal. We are passionate. Especially when it involves injustice in our own community. That is why the...

The plight of the adjunct

"76.4 percent of faculty instructing at colleges nationwide average an income within federal poverty guidelines."

Black lives matter

A Webster student shares her experience with institutionalized racism and explains why the Black Lives Matter movement's fight for justice is an urgent matter.

Letter to the Editor: Quidditch articles a ‘slap in the face’ to Webster athletes

Webster student and Volleyball player Jory Siebenmorgen says The Journal's two stories (Webster Quidditch breaks out the brooms for Gorlok Invitational and Webster Quidditch works toward...

From the other side of the screen: An online student’s Webster experience

Online student Kaylan Schardan is part of the Webster community, but she doesn't feel like it.
Carry That Weight

Webster sexual assault policy needs drastic reform

The many harassment cases and protests on campus worry Conservatory alumna Mackie Sayor. She urges Webster to change its sexual assault policy, or risk student safety.

Letter to the Editor: Thinking positive won’t end body image concerns

From Madeline Owen, in response to the story “Under Pressure” in The Ampersand student magazine The front cover of the most recent copy of...

Adjunct calls for solidarity

"Webster operates the same way Walmart does: it passes on the cost of its personnel to others." Philosophy Professor Steve Findley writes a letter to the editor in support of adjunct unionization.

Letter to the Editor: A defense of the dead-in

Hezekiah McCaskill and Keyra Stephens wrote the Journal in response to the letter critiquing AAAC's dead-in. The writers believe the demonstration was a justified means to convey their protest of police brutality.

Letter to the Editor: President Stroble, if diversity matters Webster must protect it

Webster University English major Alexandria Lenzi writes to President Elizabeth Stroble regarding a letter from the President and Provost on Civil Discourse following the United States presidential election.

ISA programs prove #WeAreAllWebster

Webster University prides itself in its idea of being a global campus, jam packed with diversity. The Multicultural Center and International Student Association (MCISA) strives to prove this through events celebrating different cultural backgrounds such as Latin Night and the Indian Festival of Lights, Diwali.

Letter to the Editor: Dead-in degrades deaths

Webster alumnus Jonathan Pfeifer feels the AAAC's dead-in protest was tactless and questions the logic of such demonstrations.

Catcalls aren’t compliments

"Newsflash, buddy, the 1950s are long gone." Kalani slams Steve Santagati for his ignorant comments defending catcalling, which were recently featured on CNN in response to a viral anti-street harassment YouTube video.

In regards to safe spaces and the AAAC pieces in The Journal

By Monica Esquivel, class of 2018 To The Journal Staff: I am a sophomore at Webster University, and in my time here, I saw The Journal as a...