Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Letter to the Editor: Alumna disappointed with Webster’s treatment of instructors and lecturers

Caitlin Creech, Webster University alumna and former student of Lecturer Andrea Miller writes an open letter about how Miller and other instructor have been treated as employees at the university.

What can we learn from the LGBT community’s recent success?

By Jonathan Maher, Author In the months since the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to legalize gay marriage in June this year, related stories continue to...

Letter to the Editor: My public school taught me everything about history

Student Noah Otte disagrees with Hayley's House on how badly the author's public schools handled covering a fair history of the United States.

Letter to the Editor: Removal of food options in SOC unfair to students, staff...

Wesbter student April Albrecht writes to President Elizabeth Stroble and School of Communications Dean Eric Rothenbuhler about the removal of the Simply to Go in Sverdrup's lobby.

Letter to the Editor: President Stroble, if diversity matters Webster must protect it

Webster University English major Alexandria Lenzi writes to President Elizabeth Stroble regarding a letter from the President and Provost on Civil Discourse following the United States presidential election.

ISA programs prove #WeAreAllWebster

Webster University prides itself in its idea of being a global campus, jam packed with diversity. The Multicultural Center and International Student Association (MCISA) strives to prove this through events celebrating different cultural backgrounds such as Latin Night and the Indian Festival of Lights, Diwali.
Obama's Letter to Webster

Letter to the Editor: Webster’s centennial nationally celebrated

Webster President Elizabeth Stroble celebrates Webster's centennial and its power to bring the Webster Groves community together, and expresses pride in the acknowledgement it has received by local as well as national government officials, including Mayor Welch and President Obama.

Letter to the Editor: In response to The Journal’s coverage of the university’s stance...

Webster University professor of international relations Daniel Hellinger writes in response to our coverage on Webster University's statement following the president's executive order.

Letter to the editor: Why Donald Trump is not qualified to be president

This letter to the editor was written by Andrea Richmond in response to the guest column "Why I support Donald Trump for president" by...

Letter to the Editor: Response to #DeleteUber

Webster University's sports announcer John Hoffmann writes in response to the opinions piece, "Politickin' me off: #DeleteUber."

From the other side of the screen: An online student’s Webster experience

Online student Kaylan Schardan is part of the Webster community, but she doesn't feel like it.

Letter to the Editor: Safe Spaces are for progression

By Susan Rother, Webster University student   On Wednesday, Dec. 2, The Journal published Daniel Carcione’s “Safe spaces are unnecessary - the real world is not...

Letter to the Editor: “Two Muslim students don’t represent every Muslim student”

Webster student Hafsa Mansoor responds to The Journal's story "Muslim students find acceptance at Webster." Mansoor writes that the story failed to present different perspectives from Muslims on campus, citing her own personal experiences of Islamophobia at Webster.

Letter to the Editor: Fighting hate with hate is not the answer

Ruchii Sheth, sophomore studio art major in printmaking says America needs to give President-Elect Donald J. Trump a chance.

Student Government Association: SGA adds new ambassador

By the Student Government Association, written by Director of Communications Kelani Seaver With the semester coming to an end and fall elections for SGA coming...

Letter to the Editor: Clueless as to context when comparing Harry Potter and Lord...

Creighton Chavez, art major, finds it inappropriate to compare Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in Issue 26 of “Kavahn Mansouri vs. The World”. Read to learn why she finds comparing The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series an injustice to both.