February 18, 2020

Letters to the Editor

Adjunct calls for solidarity

“Webster operates the same way Walmart does: it passes on the cost of its personnel to others.” Philosophy Professor Steve Findley writes a letter to the editor in support of adjunct unionization.

Former French TA takes up pen in protest

On Jan. 7, terrorists murdered 12 people on the staff of Charlie Hebdo, a left-wing satirical magazine, for the cartoon of Muhammad featured on the front page. First shocked by the news, this former Webster TA quickly joined the “Je suis Charlie” movement to protest the attack on free speech.

Black lives matter

A Webster student shares her experience with institutionalized racism and explains why the Black Lives Matter movement’s fight for justice is an urgent matter.


Catcalls aren’t compliments

“Newsflash, buddy, the 1950s are long gone.” Kalani slams Steve Santagati for his ignorant comments defending catcalling, which were recently featured on CNN in response to a viral anti-street harassment YouTube video.

Carry That Weight
Obama's Letter to Webster