Monday, October 25, 2021

La Croix is La Gross

People who drink La Croix and say they like it are 100 percent lying. If you want to look fancy with some soda-like cans of sparkling water then La Croix is for you. If you want a refreshing can of sparkling heaven then you should drink literally anything else.

Panera vs. Bread Co.

Respect the culture I can still remember the moment I found out St. Louis Bread Company went by another name. I was visiting my family...

Panera vs. Bread Co.

St. Louis does not own Panera I would like to personally tell every St. Louisan who calls the restaurant “Bread Co.” that it is not...

Black Friday: Not worth the hype

Thanksgiving is the best holiday, hands down. A day full of food, family and football? Sign me up. Thanksgiving has a way of bringing...

The Grammy Awards more notable than Kanye West

The only thing worse than Kanye West attempting to interrupt the Grammy Awards on Sunday is that the public has made him the main focus of the night. Somehow a 10-second clip of Kanye West being downright disrespectful is blowing up on social media, but the large portion of the award show that promoted equality has been forgotten.