Black Friday: Not worth the hype


Thanksgiving is the best holiday, hands down. A day full of food, family and football? Sign me up. Thanksgiving has a way of bringing people together. So why in the world would America’s day of thanks and celebration of togetherness be followed by a day full of fighting over $2 pillows?

That’s right. I am talking about Black Friday. That terrible day that comes once a year where people line up outside of stores for hours to save money on things they really don’t need. Thanksgiving is already stressful enough when you’ve got family coming in and asking about why you are still single. Why would you want to add even more stress by shopping with a bunch of crazy people just to get some cheap towels?

They spent the previous day saying thanks for everything they have. It makes total sense to spend the next day getting more material things, right? No. I think the whole idea of Black Friday is ridiculous. It isn’t even on a Friday now. You have people literally eating dinner early on Thanksgiving so they can get to the 6 p.m. opening of stores for the early specials. Black Friday is ruining my favorite holiday.

Last year I decided to go out and see what the big deal was. I needed some new pillows for my bed so I decided to check out Walmart and their iconic Black Friday sale. I will admit, it was a pretty good deal.

However, little did I know that I would have some middle aged woman elbow me in the face for those same pillows. I literally came home with a black eye on Black Friday because of a pillow.

In other places I hear about  people getting trampled at malls or shot over a TV. In 2011, A 32-year-old Southern California woman was accused of dousing a waiting crowd with pepper spray while she took off with a discounted Xbox. About 20 shoppers suffered minor injuries from the irritant. People are getting hurt on Black Friday because some shoppers take things too far. I certainly will not put myself at risk to buy something on sale.

Black Friday is not only a disgrace to Thanksgiving, but it’s also violent. The day of Thanksgiving is all about family and being thankful. Families come into town and travel thousands of miles to be together. It seems pretty rude to leave them after they traveled all that way to be with you just so you can get some deals.

If anything I say in this article convinces you to not participate in Black Friday, then let it be this. You can’t even mention Rebecca Black and Friday in the same sentence without getting the maddening song “Friday” stuck in your head. So going out on a Friday, especially when it’s Black Friday, is a recipe for disaster. If we could just end Black Friday now, that would give us all something else to be thankful for.

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