Black Friday: Here for a bargain


Every year, millions of people across the United States have to suffer through Thanksgiving dinner. Their family asks them why they are still single and whether they have a job yet. They are forced to help cook as well as clean for a meal they are required to be at. Chaos always ensues at the end of the night after someone says something racist.

Thanksgiving is awful, and there is only one cure. Black Friday is the light at the end of the dark, dark tunnel of having to deal with your extended family all day.

It makes no sense to me that there are people who do not like Black Friday. What is the issue with getting that jacket you have always wanted for half the price? Is there a problem with getting the camera you have always wanted for $300 less?

Listen, I can understand that the lines are a little longer than usual, but I honestly think it is worth it. There is just nothing like the rush of waiting outside a store for the door to open in hopes of getting an incredible deal on an item you have always wanted.

Yes, I understand Black Fridays have a tendency to be a bit violent. Honestly, I think this adds to the fun of this experience. What would be the draw if you absolutely knew you would get every deal you set out for? It’s all about the thrill at the end of that night when you look at the bags in your hands and see what you accomplished.

I can still remember the night I got my first television. I waited for hours in the cold outside of a Best Buy in Springfield, Ill., on Black Friday to purchase the TV for half its original price. I was going to buy a television in the next few weeks regardless of any sale, and I was so thrilled at the opportunity to save $100 and even get a bigger version than what I was able to afford at its original price.

I ended up getting the last one on the shelf, and I walked out of that store prouder of myself than I had almost ever been. How is the feeling I got on that Black Friday one people everywhere do not want for themselves?

If you really have an issue with Black Friday, for whatever reason, you understand you no longer have to participate in person, right? The Internet can truly save you. Just go online to your favorite store and get that amazing deal without ever leaving your house.

There is no reason to hate Black Friday. I guess the people who do are just bitter they did not get the deal they wanted last year. Every year, I look forward to the amount of money I will be saving in a single night, and it brings me nothing but joy.

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