PHOTOS: Protests across St. Louis advocate against racism


Juneteenth is recognized as the day the last enslaved persons were freed from Galveston, TX two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. This photo series by two Webster Journal students looks at the recent protests over systemic racism and the assault and murders of Black people by police officers.

Nearly a month has passed since George Floyd was killed in the streets of Minneapolis. The ongoing protests have lasted for weeks and have spread across cities, states and countries. These demonstrations have encouraged lawmakers to introduce bills aimed at controlling police brutality. The protests and nationwide solidarity also helped increase the charges against Derek Chauvin and brought attention to Breonna Taylor’s case.

The photos below were captured by Christine Tannous from May 30 to June 10. You can view more on her website here.

The photos below were taken by James Cooper from May 25 to June 6.

The photos below were taken by Jennifer Sarti from June 2 to June 10.

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