Friday, June 18, 2021

Anti-vaxxers: Question Big Pharma, not science

“It’s not the vaccinations we should be against. It’s the way they’re made and advertised.”

The Grammy Awards more notable than Kanye West

The only thing worse than Kanye West attempting to interrupt the Grammy Awards on Sunday is that the public has made him the main focus of the night. Somehow a 10-second clip of Kanye West being downright disrespectful is blowing up on social media, but the large portion of the award show that promoted equality has been forgotten.

Imma let you finish, Beck…

Kanye West once again stormed the stage at the 2014 Grammy Awards on Sunday night, this time at the expense of Beck. West said Beyoncé had been snubbed for the Album of the Year award, but the issue goes deeper than Beck vs. Beyoncé.

Calling Kroenke’s bluff

In response to "No Chance of a Comeback": Dane seems to believe our beloved Rams are moving out West and that football in St. Louis is over. But there is one problem with Dane’s theory: It’s wrong.

No chance of a comeback

In response to "Calling Kroenke's bluff": To believe the Rams will be in St. Louis in five years is incredibly naïve.