Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Students celebrate culture at iFest

"Back home we don't have events like this," Vietnamese student Du Le said. "Everybody here treats me like their friend or family and we...

Webster announces new degree offerings in Uzbekistan

Webster is the first U.S. university to offer degree programs in Uzbekistan. On Feb. 4, Webster University and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized...

Letters from Thailand: a review of Bangkok

The familiar bright lights of the city flash in hundreds of colors all around as the van door opens. We step out into the...

Lack of diversity is a problem everywhere – even abroad

The type of diversity is different in Vienna than in the U.S, but it is still a struggle.

Letters from Thailand: My first step into study abroad

The "land of smiles" has proved to be right when the Thais greet you with smiles every morning.

Webster introduces Ghana study abroad through two month research program

Professor Danielle MacCartney and ten Webster students were among the first to officially study abroad at Webster's campus in Accra, Ghana.

Webster Cup returns to Leiden at international soccer tournament

LEIDEN, Netherlands - Webster soccer teams from three European campuses met in Leiden on Apr. 8 for the 14th annual international soccer tournament. After...

Leiden students join Amsterdam women’s march

LEIDEN, Netherlands – The recent Women’s March on Washington was organized as a worldwide response to rising far-right rhetoric around the world. Groups of Webster students from the Leiden campus attended the march in Amsterdam.
On the NPO Radio1 "News and More" bus

Webster students talk Trump in The Netherlands

LEIDEN, Netherlands - The inauguration of Donald Trump made big news in Leiden last week. Dutch broadcaster NPO Radio1 invited three Webster University students to...

Webster’s Ghana campus finds new location in Accra, set to offer new programs

The campus relocation completes Webster's move from the original Accra location, where the university put its first African campus in 2013.

Webster study abroad student in Brussels reflects on attacks

When Teresa Lynn Hasan-Kerr decided to study abroad in Brussels, she was hoping for an opportunity to improve her French skills and live in the city she had once visited and thought was beautiful. Soon, however, Brussels found itself at the center of a tragedy.
Marion Ayers

Study abroad students flee Paris after terrorist attacks

Nov. 13 a series of coordinated mass shootings, suicide bombings and hostage-takings erupted in the tenth and eleventh districts of Paris. By the time the attacks ceased, 129 people were dead and more than 300 people were wounded. A group of Webster study abroad students were spending the weekend in Paris, as a part of a trip offered by Webster's study abroad location at Regent’s College.

Webster plans to double study abroad numbers

Webster pledges to double its study abroad numbers by 2020 as a part of a pledge to a international education initiative

Students take part in refugee simulation

Seven students at Webster’s campus in Geneva spent four days living as refugees to gain insight and awareness of a global crisis.

Chinese students begin two-year stay at Webster campus

The Beijing Language and Culture University (BCLU has sent these 21 students to Webster as part of a dual-enrollment program that will grant them degrees from both universities when they graduate.

Deadly blast two miles from Webster’s Bangkok campus kills 19

A bomb exploded outside a shrine in central Bangkok on Aug. 17, two miles from Webster’s Bangkok campus. The blast killed 19 people and injured more than 100.