November 23, 2020

Author: Tony Laurence

Politically Incorrect: Drones over America

The constitutional legitimacy surrounding aerial drones becomes more ambiguous as each one takes off. Time Magazine said, “Until actual legislation is passed, it won’t be completely clear what information the government can and cannot gather using drones.”

Politically Incorrect: Hillary Clinton further positions herself to run for president

Bloomberg Businessweek reported that a group of about 20 high-profile Obama donors decided to pay off Clinton’s 2008 campaign debt, which was about $250,000, and then some. Her campaign, whose legal status still exists and which never officially shut down, now has about a $200,000 surplus. Additionally, the first Hillary Clinton super-PAC, Ready for Hillary, is living up to its name with already 50,000 twitter followers.

Politically Incorrect: You can keep your guns, but not your rights

While survivalists are clinging to their guns in fear that the sleeper cell terrorist in the White House is going to take them away, they have missed the whole point as to why the Second Amendment exists in the first place. For them, the possability of FEMA death camps forcing everyone to gay marry, or something like that, is very real and their civil liberties are at stake. In reality, their civil liberties have already been destroyed from under their noses, yet no one is crying fowl.