Study sanctuaries to help you prepare for finals


The fall semester’s end is approaching, and Webster students are preparing for finals. If you’re allowed access, our campus has several spots for any type of study-er. From the Priest House to the microfilm reader room at the library, there’s no shortage of places to coop up and study up. Here are my picks for places to prepare for finals week!

1. H. Sam Priest Center for International Studies

Photo by Lauren Brennecke.

Located near Big Bend and N. Bompart, the Priest House is a quiet, cozy setting. Students can choose to sit on a couch or at a table. The building provides natural light and a space to feel like a true academic. It’s quiet inside. And the ghost of the house’s former owner and inventor of TUMS, James Howe, will keep you company. 

2. Emerson Library

Photo by Lauren Brennecke.

On the first floor of the library, there are several seating options with plenty of natural light and Scandinavian-style design by the entrance. Although it can be a louder workplace, as people come in and out for coffee or food, the Cyber Cafe/Starbucks has antiquated computers and tables for group or single study sessions. 

The third and fourth floors have a great view overlooking the campus, and you’ll find not only great books, but both open and closed areas to work. There are lots of hidden gems up here, one might even accidentally open a staff-only door and unlock a fascinating trove of knowledge. 

The Emerson Library’s basement is a secluded area with little traffic. Home to Microfilm readers and study rooms, it’s an excellent place to have no choice but to work.

3. Webster Hall

3a. Women, Gender and Sexuality study room

Photo by Lauren Brennecke.

On the third floor of Webster Hall sits a student lounge. Many students are unaware of the space but it’s open to all. The room is homey and full of warm light! It offers a cabinet full of self-care and sexual health products and a refrigerator. Sometimes there’s some spare candy up for grabs. 



3b. Student lounge, room 324a

Photo by Lauren Brennecke.

Another Webster Hall study destination is found on the third floor. The student loung has vending machines, a (currently non-functioning) water dispenser and tables with both high and low tops. This room is perfect for those who prefer to crack open a large window or run a fan while focusing on schoolwork.


4. Pearson House

Photo by Lauren Brennecke.

Located near Old Orchard Center (Starbucks), the Pearson house has a great indoor and outdoor studying area. The basement of the building is cold, dark and perfect for pretending you’re living in 1984. It’s home to a questionably cozy couch and somehow still functioning vending machines. On the second floor sits a memorial library with a solitary table and a nice garden window view. 

5. Sverdrup Hall

5a. East Sverdrup

Photo by Lauren Brennecke.

Near the media center, the East wing of Sverdrup has several long tables and chairs surrounding coffee tables. If you’re looking to make a friend while working, you can usually find students working at any time of day. There’s also a screen that plays news or old movies with a light sound.



5b. West Sverdrup

Photo by Lauren Brennecke.

In the newly renovated West wing of Sverdrup, there are several individual tables and comfy benches to work at. Wall outlets are provided at most of the seats, and most people work alone with headphones on. If you have a long final paper to complete, and you want to feel like you’re in the Google headquarters, this could be your place!


6. University Center

Photo by Vanessa Jones.

In the University Center near Crossroads Dining, students can choose to sit with others or alone. Though the area has heavy traffic, the colorful building is a safe spot to people-watch and grab an over-priced snack while working.

7. Commuter Lounge

Photo by Lauren Brennecke.

Past the East entrance of Sverdrup is the Commuter lounge. Students here are usually working quietly. The large room has plenty of natural light and amenities, including a microwave. Though the interior is outdated, it’s a pleasant place to hunker down and complete final assignments.

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