Fictional mascot celebrates first birthday


A proposed alternative mascot to Webster’s Gorlok celebrated its birthday at a socially distanced Big Wood “Bday Bash.”

What started as a meme has now experienced a growing following at Webster University. Senior Joey Goldman created the idea for Big Wood, a new Webster mascot, in the spring of 2020. Months later, she is celebrating the birthday for Big Wood surrounded by its loyal followers.

“I didn’t expect this [support] at all,” Goldman said. “People are rolling with it and it’s funny.”

Big Wood has a dedicated Instagram page for more information regarding future events and ways to show support. Although the Instagram page has garnered attention of the Webster community, what may attract more audience is the upcoming “mockumentary” about Big Wood.

“A mockumentary is a fake documentary,” Webster alum Bennett Kedge said. “It’s a documentary that’s scripted with a lot of jokes.”

The idea stemmed from the growing support surrounding Big Wood. In an “Office” style documentary, Kedge will follow people like Goldman through the journey of getting Big Wood to replace the Webster Gorlok.

“I told my friends about that and it became a running joke for a couple of years,” Goldman said. “Last semester, I decided to actually put it out into the world.”

Big Wood comes from the street names Big Bend and Lockwood. Goldman said this was a funnier, more accurate name than Gorlok. Goldman said creating a new mascot like Big Wood would be easier to explain to others not only in name, but also appearance.

The Gorlok is named after street names Gore and Lockwood. Goldman mentioned the name could use a revamp considering its inaccuracies in the shortened spelling of Lockwood to Lok. She mentioned the new mascot would be totally up for interpretation in looks, unlike the traditional Gorlok.

“Some people say he’s a big tree. Some people say he’s a two by four plank of wood,” Goldman said. “He’s more of an entity … like a god rising from the ground. He’ll be the strongest living thing.”

Despite all of the positive feedback from her friends, there are  Big Wood deniers on campus. Webster student Max Rodhouse says he is the biggest non-supporter.

“It’s like alright, another big wood joke like I haven’t heard that one a million times before,” Rodhouse said.

Rodhouse, a close friend of Goldman, loves to hate the fake mascot. Despite the disdain for Big Wood, Rodhouse was still in attendance at the Big Wood “Bday Bash.”

Supporters and haters alike were invited to partake in the festivities. As long as social distancing and mask requirements were met, guests could eat, sing and dance the evening away.

“I was hoping we could do one last hurrah … and then back off for a while,” Goldman said.

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