Students gather together for Sweets & Social


Students were able to color, socialize, and eat donuts at the Sweets & Social event on Fed. 14. 

Patti Hayes, an Event Coordinator, hosted Sweets & Social on Friday, Feb. 14. The event allowed students to meet others in the Sunnen Lounge of the University Center. They also had the chance to enjoy donuts from St. Louis Snow Cone, a catering company, while coloring.

Hayes believed Sweets & Social, with a relaxing activity like coloring, would help students relieve stress. As a hangout event, students could focus more on spending time with others than playing a game, as most trivia events do.

“I like having events that are just a nice time for [students] to chill out,” Hayes said. “Also, I thought the donut bar was cool.”

Junior Ashleigh Schrum colors a picture at Sweets & Social. Photo by Cameren Agosta.

Junior Ashleigh Schrum went to Sweets & Social not only for the food, but also to meet someone new. Overall, Schrum liked the event. She said she believes events with free food will attract students. Schrum also thought any event encouraging socializing would benefit the student body.

“I [liked] it,” Schrum said. “I don’t usually color, but this [was] pretty relaxing.”

As a smaller event with snack food, Sweets & Social only had a handful of students come in. Other students trickled in throughout. Since the event took place on Valentine’s Day, Hayes did not expect a lot of students to come.

Hayes said this was the first year they hosted Sweets & Social. Hayes does not believe it will become a tradition because of its simplicity, unlike other events, such as Glow Rink.


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