Spirit Weekend continues with Facebook LIVE breakfast for parents and students


Parents and students were able to enjoy breakfast at Marletto’s during Webster University’s Spirit Weekend. Members of the Parent Council attended the event and spent time welcoming parents. 

Webster University’s Spirit Weekend stretched through Feb. 7 and 8, welcoming students’ families to the home campus. Early Saturday morning, the university invited students and their parents to breakfast at Marletto’s Marketplace.

Sara Harms and Hannah Harms joined other guests at breakfast and planned on going to the basketball game after shopping at the bookstore. To Sara, the university thoughtfully highlighted different activities and organizations while greeting guests.

“I didn’t have a ton of questions, but I like the opportunity presented,” Sara said. “Especially with Facebook LIVE. I thought that was great. Had we not been able to be here, we could’ve taken advantage of that.”

Michael Simon and Shelley Simon, members of the Parent Council, greeted parents at the breakfast and stood by to answer questions. They explained that the Parent Council had information on campus activities, and where parents and students could find help at Webster.

Michael Simon (fourth from the left) standing with other members of the Parent Council at Marletto’s Marketplace. Photo by Cameren Agosta

“I think that all the activities combined are fun and informative,” Michael Simon said. “Especially the basketball game, and things like that.”

Shelley Simon looked forward to meeting more parents during Spirit Weekend and having the chance to spend time with everyone there.

“It’s something that everybody looks forward to,” Shelley Simon said. “It’s lots of fun.”

Spirit Weekend started with a kick-off in the upper level of the University Center. The Pep Band, cheerleaders and Chordloks (a-cappella group) performed while guests helped themselves to snacks offered by the university. The Student Hall of Fame followed a dinner in Webster Groves. The day ended with a painting session hosted by the Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs, along with “Siblings Night,” where students’ siblings could sleep in the dorms.

Following breakfast on Saturday, the university welcomed visitors to the bookstore before the basketball game. Spirit Weekend would end for parents there, but after the Athletics Hall of Fame, students would have the chance to dance at the student formal in Luhr Building.


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