Car Share program goes live


By Rebecca Doran

Webster’s Car Share program began today. Enterprise provided a Toyota Prius, parked in the Webster Village Apartments, for students to rent out per hour.

The Car Share program idea came from the Spring 2014 delegates agenda, a place where students can bring up issues on the campus they would like to see resolved. Car Share allows applicable students to rent a car by the hour at rates lower than a rental company. Kat Muraski, then a student living on campus, suggested the Car Share program because of the success it had on Washington University’s campus.  She wanted a way for students living on campus who don’t have cars to go grocery shopping or get around St. Louis.

In order to rent students have to be at least 18 years old and have a clean driving record. Registration is $45, and then five dollars for every hour  you have the car .This price is only until the end of October. After October the hourly price will be $12. To get the discounted price enter promo code FALL2014 at

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