Mentorship Program approved after Spring Delegates’ Agenda


Webster University’s first try at a mentoring program attracted over 200 alumni, only about 10 students have applied said Bill Ratz, mentor program director.

The mentor program was proposed at the 2013 spring Delegates’ Agenda meeting and will begin on Oct. 15. Each student applicant will be matched with an alum who work in a career the student shows interest in.The mentor is required to speak with the student at least twice per semester.

Ratz said he is positive he will reach the goal of at least 30 students.

Suhani Fernando, junior economic and finance major, said it was impressive how many alumni applied for the program. Her goal is to work as an operations manager at an automotive plant, so she wants a mentor in a related position.

“It’s been difficult in St. Louis (with no automobile plants nearby)”, Fernando said. “So I want to look into other industries.” Mentors have applied from places like Los Angeles, China and the Middle East.

Ratz said he believes due to the high number of alumni, there are good chances the students will be matched with the perfect mentor.

Fernando said she prefers to have a local connection to have the opportunity to shadow her mentor, but would be fine with a national or international connection as well.

“Who knows? Maybe I could travel there and see what it’s like,” Fernando said. “I think as long as there is good communication, I can have a good mentor program experience.”

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